January 5, 2011

Welcome to SoCal...Someone turn up the heat!

Another uneventful day on the road on Tuesday ended up with us pulling into Rancho Cucamonga around 5pm.  As we drove down on Monday, I was really struck with the subtle beauty of Northern California; the rolling hills, the pastureland, the livestock, etc.  Yesterday, driving through Central California, I remembered how it's the opposite situation.  What a boring drive. 

On a side note, Californians might just eek out a win over Washington for shittiest drivers on the West Coast. Hey lady, when you're doing 60 in the fast lane when the speed limit's 70, and I come and put my nose in your ass doing 85, that means MOVE THE FUCK OVER!  A dozen times yesterday, I swear...Then, just outside of the grapevine, a nice young lady thought it was a perfect time to attempt to put a red racing stripe on the side of her car and just dove into our lane.  Luckily, I avoided her, but I almost misspelled a word in the text I was sending. Just kidding.

Finally taking a nap.

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First In-N-Out experience.

Breakfast in Windsor; home of Charles Shulz.

Waiting for breakfast.

Snow capped mountains in Rancho Cucamonga. The ol' Suburban needs a rest!

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  1. Nice blog! You're keeping up with it better than I do mine that's for sure! :)